Loft, Garage and Barn Conversions Wakefield

CPS Yorkshire Ltd provide specialist Loft, Garage and Barn conversions throughout Wakefield and other areas of West Yorkshire. Each conversion is tailored specifically to your situation, requirements and budget. From the initial planning stage to the application of finishing touches, our team will take every measure possible to ensure a seamless transformation.

Loft Conversions In Wakefield

CPS Yorkshire Ltd can perform the entire process of turning your loft into a fantastic new room that has added some significant value to your home. Here are some potential uses for your loft that previous customers have opted for:

      • A stylish and modern additional living space in the form of a living room or bedroom.
      • An office space that allows you to take full advantage of working at home in a relaxing and calming atmosphere.
      • An organized storage area, allowing you to free up important space in different parts of the house.

Garage Conversions Wakefield

Nowadays, garages are rarely used for their intended purpose, which is to store your car. Instead, it is widely used as a place to store unwanted or unused items. 

Our garage conversions are a great way to make full use of one of the largest expanses of space in your property. Whatever transformation you have in mind, the CPS Yorkshire Ltd team can help turn it into a reality.

Barn Conversions Wakefield

Here at CPS Yorkshire Ltd, we can turn a run-down barn in to a beautiful property that can be used for residential of commercial purposes. A highly trained and experienced contractor is a must for any barn conversion due to complexity of the project. 

There are also various laws that have to be strictly followed throughout the process (Such as planning permission and other legalities).