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Electrical Testing Services in Wakefield

Electrical Testing is essential in making sure that all aspects of your electric circuit are functioning correctly. If you are an employer, periodic testing of all electrical appliances is required to ensure the safety of your workforce. Failure to comply with regulatory standards could lead to a penalty from noncompliance, negligence or unsafe work environments. Insurance Companies also require these tests to be done at certain times – not doing so could mean that the policy becomes void.

During an electrical test, any potential dangers or inefficiencies within the system are identified. Having tests done at regular intervals will help to ensure that all of your electrics are working safely and optimally. An electrical inspection is also required when a property is being prepared for let or before a property is sold or bought.

Electrical testing Wakefield

The electrical appliances are not only checked with a PAT tester, but should also be visually and physically inspected by an expert. Only a qualified electrician or approved contractor should perform an electrical test, this ensures the job is done correctly and without injury. Here at CPS Yorkshire Ltd, our team is highly skilled and can complete all necessary checks. Our electrical tests have a very fast turnaround and can be done at a time that is convenient for you!

Following the test, you will receive a condition report (Referred to as a EICR) which outlines the current condition of the appliances, any defects or deterioration, any potential hazards and any non-compliances with the current safety standards.

If any faults are found within the system, we are usually capable of making the needed repairs or replacements ourselves (It not, we can refer you to the correct place). A quote is given before any work begins, clearly outlining what needs to be done alongside the costs.

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